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Le Petit Chateau | Lisa & Ross Wedding Teaser | Wedding Videographer Northumberland

Le Petit Chataeu | Lisa & Ross’s Wedding Teaser | Wedding Videographer Northumberland




Le Petit Chateau | Sarah & Nicks Wedding Video Teaser | Wedding Videographer Northumberland

When I arrived at Le Petit Château this morning to begin filming Sarah and Nick's big day, bride Sarah was already wearing a beaming smile, and as I write this blog I can honestly say that not once has it left her face.

The ceremony itself was full of little giggles especially during the vows when Nick promised to make Sarah his 'worfully' and not awfully as it may have sounded/lawfully which was what was intended 'wedded wife'. It was a moment that could have been taken directly from a Richard Curtis film, so much so that we asked Nick after the ceremony if he had done it on purpose. (He assured us that he hadn't but that had said the exact same thing during rehearsal!) 

The little giggles and smiles continued throughout the reception and Sarah and Nick most definitely made it easy for me and photographer Kane Young to capture some great moments - It has certainly been a day of smiles.