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Woodhill Hall Wedding Video Northumberland | Claire & Dales Wedding Teaser

Woodhill Hall Wedding Video Northumberland | Claire & Dale's Wedding Teaser 

Today I'm at the fabulous Woodhill Hall in Otterburn. A. Venue we are starting to get to know very well. I am welcomed by the new wedding coordinator Keir. He immediately makes me and photographer Helen Russel feel very welcome and will have a bright future ahead of him at this venue. 

I make my way to the Darcy room where the girls are getting prepared for the big day. I'm a bit early so make my way around to the Alice cottage around the back to meet our groom dale and the very energetic cole. Cole is four years old, the same age as my son so the main topic of conversation is power rangers for the next 30mins. 

I film the lads button holes and general banter before marking my way back up to see the girls. 

I set up for the ceremony where page boy Cole and flower girl India lead the way followed by the bridesmaids and finally our bride Claire. 

After the ceremony we lead the guests outside for the group shots before heading back inside for a delicious 3 course meal which me and Helen are also treated to, Thankyou. 

I proceed to do the guest messages and some profile footage around the grounds with the bride and groom. The guest are lead into the tipi for the nighttime do.


Derwent Manor Wedding Video | Laura and Chris

Derwent manor wedding video blog

Today I'm at Derwent manor for the wedding of Laura and Chris. Summer has well and truly arrived it's an absolute scorcher! 

I go see the girls who are still having their hair and makeup completed before making my way upstairs to see the lads who as you would expect are a lot further on in the "getting ready" department. Chris opens some gifts from his wife to be Laura. An Apple Watch and a signed card from the whole Newcastle united team. Awesome. 

I make my way back downstairs to finish filming the bridal preparations before setting up for the service in the ALlensford suite. 

The flowers are simply stunning and the roses on the anklers of the deer on the wall adds a little quirkiness to proceedings. 

Upon conclusion of the ceremony we make our way outside to complete the group shots and profile shots in the surrounding areas before heading back to the venue to sit down for speeches and food. 

I film the guest messages and a special mention to nana Freda who in the 3rd take gets the brides name correct. Hilarious. 

As the evening draws to a close and the sunsets in Northumberland another great wedding with welcoming and friendly guests. 

Thanks Laura and Chris for allowing us to share your big day.