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Wedding Videographer Teesside | Kim and Anthony Teaser Video

Kim and Anthony wedding videographer Teesside

It's 20 degrees in Billingham which is where I'm filming today. I arrive at the packed brides house where there are 6 bridesmaids along with a few flower girls and page boys. All is calm, hair and makeup is all finished with 2 hours to spare! Yes that's right! Any photographers or videographers reading this will know that's really early. The reason I mention this is that it's a great thing for a bride to ready early as it allows the videographer and photographer to get loads more shots of you and your girls in the dresses.

After filming some exited kids and bridesmaids I head off the st Mary's church at Green Norton. 2 words, gorgeous church. I arrive with plenty of time to spare and even have time to get some of the lads and film some of the other guests arriving.

After a great service by the vicar Martin, we get some group shots on the church grounds and 150 guests head back to The Swan. Yes that's right 150 guests! 

They are a nice bunch of people today and more that half the guests opt to leave a video guest message which i do genuinely think is a nice thing to do for the bride and groom. I later found out that the bride went around every table and asked if people would leave one so maybe that why so many people did! I mean who is going to say no to the bride on her wedding day!

We move towards the nightime. No matter what you think about having kids at a wedding they are great to get the party started and that's what happened today.

Great fun, great couple pleasure working for these guys today.

With love

Absolute media  


Holiday Inn Gosforth Park | Wedding Video Newcastle

Today me and David are at the Holiday Inn at Gosforth Park for Sarah & Matt’s big day. While David heads up to one of the rooms to grab some footage of Matt and the lads, I head off to Sarah’s parents house for the girl’s preparations. At the house are Sarah, her two bridesmaids, her Mam and Dad, and LeopardPrints Photography, it’s great to be working with Laura and Nick again.

As I arrive Sarah is just getting the finishing touches done on her make-up before the hairdresser takes over, the bubbley is popped and everyone is in great spirits for the day ahead. Sarah is given a gift from Matt with a card reading “To my wife to be Sarah I love you, that is all I will write because it is that simple, I love you more than anything and want my life with you. Love always Matt” Which may be one of the sweetest messages I’ve heard, no frills – pure love, well done Matt!

As the girls help Sarah into her dress, Dad waits downstairs for the big reveal, and it certainly was an emotional one. He kept his eyes closed as Sarah came into the living room meaning he could take it all in once he opened them, no doubt you’ll see his full reaction in the teaser – utterly perfect.

Then it was back to the Holiday Inn for the ceremony and reception. The heat is climbing and by the time we head off the Northumberlandia with the happy newly married couple it has reacted 27 degrees, so the breeze at the land sculpture is a welcome addition (if a bit troublesome for Sarah’s veil). Laura & Nick set up some great shots both in the woodland and on the sculpture itself and I am able to catch some great moments before we head back to the Holiday Inn for the speeches and the party.