Wynyard Hall Wedding

Filming weddings, there is by and large always a bit of down time, after all, a three course meal can take some time to serve. This down time can be used in different ways, logging footage, editing or rejuvenating for the rest of the shoot, but we recently decided that it might be fun every now and then to start using it to write on the wedding venue. So here I am sat in the glorious sunshine on the terrace of Wynyard Hall on Danielle and Graeme's special day faced with the task of deciding what to write.


I feel somewhat like an old writer from days gone by, sitting in front of Wynyard in all it's splendour with a pen and a notebook (old school I know, but with all the equipment needed on a shoot, the laptop tends to be left at home); and I do find myself getting very distracted by the amazing view here.

One of the things I love most about Wynyard is this view, the grandeur of the building itself never fails to amaze me but there is something quintessentially English about the view that somehow always makes it feel like home (not literally of course, you could probably fit my house into the reception area). The view also allows us to capture some amazing footage, you look one way and you have the house as a backdrop, you look the other and you have the lake, the green fields and the obelisk just peaking out over the trees.


Right now, you might be saying to yourself “Hold on a minute, how can you just have decided to write venue blogs when you’ve already posted a bunch?”

The answer dear reader is simple; this particular blog was started in the summer of 2014, abandoned and unfinished in the aforementioned notebook, which I thought, I had lost. Once discovered I figured that I owed it to myself, Wynyard and any writer who has misplaced work and not been lucky enough to find it to finish the blog.


So, anyway back to the glory of Wynyard.


Since starting this blog we have filmed the venue a number of times, but most recently, the weekend before Christmas for the wedding of Gabrielle and Mark. Gabrielle was prepped for the day in the Disraeli Suite, which is a great size for bridal prep. As well as having an en suite bathroom (which obviously is pretty standard for a hotel room) the suite has a dressing room attached so brides can keep their dress away from those popping in an out to say hi. It also means there is plenty of space for shooting the dress and other trinkets away from the main action of hair and make up etc.


The ceremony itself took place in The Chapel, which is a big draw for many couples to Wynyard. It is a beautiful private chapel that gives those who are wanting a church service but also wanting their whole day to take place at one location the perfect solution. Post service, the chapel is also a great place to capture some perfect couple shots.


I have mentioned quite a few times already the grandeur of Wynyard’s exterior but aside from the chapel, haven’t said much about it’s interior. Let me tell you it most definitely equals the outside in beauty. Look up as you enter the main hall and you’ll notice the stunning stained glass domed ceiling with an amazing chandelier dropping down. Not the only amazing chandelier around either, the ones in the ballroom and mirror room are pretty impressive too. In quite the contrast to the beautiful summer day when I started writing this blog, this particular day was, though still beautiful, pretty cold, (well it was 4 days before Christmas). That being the case, spending a lot of time outside wasn’t ideal; luckily Wynyard has no shortage of great locations inside too.


I could probably go on for days talking about how wonderful Wynyard is and how many great places there are to capture amazing footage, but I imagine by now you get the idea. We’ve been pretty lucky to film there quite frequently and I always look forward to going back; but if you’ve never had a chance to visit Wynyard Hall for a wedding, I would certainly recommend stopping by for afternoon tea, or perhaps a glass of something fizzy on the terrace. It really is truly is a magnificent building and well worth the trip. I think it’s the only venue that I have shot where upon first seeing the house was actually astonished.