Winter Weddings

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Its starting to get cold at Absolute Media HQ, and with the pending winter weddings for our clients, we thought we would share some ideas about planning a winter wedding and thinking of something a little different for your guests.

We like winter weddings here at Absolute Media HQ.  Why?  Its simple, people expect bad weather, therefore they are not disappointed on their wedding day. 

 Although John’s lucky wedding socks, keep the rain at bay for 95% of the weddings we film, occasionally they have to take a day off.

So, what’s great about a winter wedding other than the weather expectations? 

In the run up to Christmas, everyone is excited, and generally in a better mood, and with the DJ playing Christmas songs, everyone is at ease and dancing starts early on.  Every wedding we have filmed in the run up to Christmas has been fantastic, everyone is full of smiles and more importantly everyone gets up dancing, even those who tap their feet at the bar.

The best places we have filmed winter weddings in the North East, has got to be Langley Castle and Seaham Hall – two very different venues, but both beautiful.  Winter weddings are starting to become much more popular, not only for the reduced fees that venues charge, but for the increased excitement around Christmas.

Winter weddings bring an array of beautiful flowers, featuring seasonal elements like pinecones, holly, and evergreen boughs that add a festive touch to your wintry celebration, making a gorgeous display for both room decoration and bouquets.

The best entertainment we have seen at a winter wedding is Santa Claus himself, together with his dancing elves.  The kids were so excited and filled the room with laughter and genuine love.  What better way to fill the infamous ‘lull’ part of your wedding?

We are often asked about entertainment and bands, and whether they are needed, and we always say yes, however a wedding in the run up to Christmas is unlike any other, and a DJ playing Christmas songs really is all you need to get the party started, helping with additional cost savings.

Photos during winter weddings can be tricky, so we advise you to think long and hard about which photographer you choose, you need to choose a creative photographer who can make the best out of a bad situation, and choose a venue that has plenty of beautiful indoor photo opportunities.  A good example of this is Newton Hall in Northumberland.

 A couple of years ago we filmed a beautiful wedding in London, and the bride and groom organised hot chocolate for everyone as their reception drink which went down a treat with both the adults and kids.

Lastly, to add a touch of class to your wedding, and to keep the cost of flowers down, fill your room with candles.  They don’t cost the earth, but create an amazing ambience of romance.

Jill Newey