Wedding Ramside Hall - Wedding Videographer County Durham - Imran's BIG DAY

Wedding Ramside Hall – Wedding Videographer County Durham.

Today the team take a trip to a familiar wedding venue for us. Ramside Hall in County Durham. However, for me personally I start the day off in Middlesbrough where I visit the Groom Imran and his family.

I feel it important at this stage to state that Imran has done a lot of the organising for the wedding and has very much been part of the process in the build-up to today. It is no surprise when I turn up to the house and it is spotless for the groomsmen. Everything from  cufflinks, shirts, suits, ties and shoes are in military order in the corner of the room. Flowers and momentos for the day have been laid out carefully on the dining table ready for me to capture. This is not the usual I get from filming groom preparation!

The professional suit dresser arrives at 11am to get the lads ready. A very good call by the way, as it’s usually the videographer and photographer who ends up putting in button holes and ties on the lads!

We leave the lads and head off to a nearby field . A bit random you might think however Imran has a surprise for his best man and groomsmen - they will be travelling to Ramside via helicopter!

The helicopter arrives and it’s great to capture the look on the groomsmen’s faces. A mixture of excitement and nerves it has to be said.

I give Imran the go pro camera so he can capture the atmosphere and banter between the lads whilst in the air.

Now, you might be thinking hang on, John has got to get from Middlesbrough to Durham for the start of the ceremony and there is no way he is going to beat a helicopter. This is very true. However we arrive with a few minutes to spare and Kathryn has captured Rebecca and the girls on the morning along with the lads landing in the helicopter.

We proceed to the ceremony and then onto the psot service. Cheo the photographer blasts through the group photos and we head out into the garden for some nice profile shots of the bride and groom.

We make our way back into the main room where the huge letters read MR & MRS AKHTER. It has a good effect and really sets off the room.

The speeches are conducted and the best man produces a short but very funny and well delivered speech.

The guests then tuck into some fantastic curry which was made by the head chef and Imran’s mother. We were fortunate to have some, well quite a lot actually, and it was amazing - definitely my highlight of the day!

Nightime arrives and we conduct many guest messages - some more sensible than other! The evening guests arrive in time to see the new Mr & Mrs AKHTER dance the night away with all their friends and family.