Middleton Lodge Wedding

Last year we were fortunate enough to film a few times at a beautiful Georgian house not far from the Yorkshire border. The venue? Middleton Lodge.

Middleton Lodge is a privately owned country estate located in the village of Middleton Tyas that you can hire exclusively for your wedding. I have mentioned how fond I am of venues that you can privately hire in previous blogs, and it’s not just because of my penchant for regency literature/pretending to be Elizabeth Bennet.*

There is something about the exclusivity that relaxes everyone, they feel more free to move around the place, explore and interact with people they may have never met before; this makes for great footage. Plus from my point of view, there’s no question as to whether a guest is here for the wedding I’m filming or for Mr and Mrs Goldberg’s Diamond Wedding shindig down the hall. 

So as a Georgian manor house, it sort of goes without saying that the outside of Middleton Lodge is stunning, nevertheless I’ll say it – it’s stunning! It’s Palladian style with it’s clean lines and symmetry make the building truly picturesque; couple that with the surroundings and it makes an amazing backdrop. But with this particular venue, you’re not short of wonderful settings; in fact I’m pretty sure you could find a photo opportunity in every one of it’s 200 acres. My particular favourite is the woodland surrounding the house, where in the spring there are hundreds of bluebells lining the paths and at the right time of day the sun shining through the leaves is simply gorgeous.

Another big draw to Middleton is the pavilion, where, weather permitting you can actually hold your ceremony. Walking out of a manor house to your guests waiting in the blazing sunshine, then saying your “I dos” with the birds singing all around you sounds like something from a fairy tale, but you can actually do that here, assuming the unpredictable English weather allows it. The thing with this venue though, is that should the weather unexpectedly turn on you, the staff are so on the ball that they can have everything sorted and moved inside in no time at all and as you can’t control the weather, preparation is key.

For larger parties The Lodge has a permanent marquee where the wedding breakfast will take place - once again I find that this type of atmosphere tends to encourage a more comfortable wedding party. Marquees are sort of like a blank canvas where a bride and groom can really put their own stamp on their wedding and guests seem to relax a bit more in a marquee than they do in a grand hall. 

Reading back, I once again appear to have written a blog that focuses mainly on the outside of the venue, but let me assure you that Middleton Lodge is just as impressive inside as out. The grand staircase that leads up to the suites is, simply put, magnificent and the bridal suite is spacious and light, a perfect place to capture all the preparations. On top of this there is also a superb pool room, where you can capture some excellent footage of the groom and groomsmen pre ceremony, as well as guests throughout the day. I have also heard that the cellar bar is pretty impressive and that there’s a cinema room but I’ve never actually had the chance to see either. Perhaps that’s something I should explore next time I’m there 

Now for me personally, I feel that I can’t complete a blog on Middleton Lodge without mentioning Stan Seaton Photography. Every time I have filmed the venue it has been alongside Stan and Jane and so they automatically come to mind when I picture it. In fact it was Stan and Jane who first showed me the amazing woodland that I said I was so fond of. I’ve had a lot of fun on the shoots, they’re wonderful photographers and both so great to work with so if you are thinking of Middleton for your venue, I would certainly check them out as well. 

*I don’t really do that (well, at least not while working)*