A venue fit for a king

Like many people I'm gripped by the TV series Game of Thrones. The constant sub plots and twist and turns keep you on the edge of your seat, like any good drama should.

Now, I especially like the weddings that have featured throughout the series; obviously not because they tend to end extremely badly for the bride and groom, but more for how grand and epic they are. Everything is over the top, with entertainment from jesters, unlimited food and wine and more singing and dancing than X Factor.

I love castles and the interior of a medieval wedding; the king and queen’s thrones, the oversized mahogany tables for the guests, the large doors as you enter the grand hall etc. So imagine what I was like when I turned up to Avenue in Hartlepool, which used to be an old Masonic hall, to film this wedding.

As I enter the room I am surrounded by antique, hand crafted, medieval thrones. Wow. Red wedding part 2…? Ok maybe not.

I really appreciate the layout; the chairs are around the edges of the room so the bride and groom can see everyone and everyone can see them, rather than the traditional back of heads which is the normal viewpoint as the lady in white walks down the aisle.

You get a real sense of intimacy in this hall, which for Kirsty and Wayne (the bride and groom by the way) is a real plus point, as within 5 minutes of meeting them you can tell they are a real close knit family.

After the vows have been exchanged the wedding party moves downstairs to "the grand hall". I meet Beverly, the owner, and she gives me the backstory of the place. It’s a family run business that has only been going for a few years; I like that, the fact it's family run means you get a personal touch, that is sometimes lacking in other venues in the region.

Anyway, the guests are served hot and cold food on large silver platters, which I guess is also medieval in style. At Avenue, however, the food is a little more refined, though still in large “medieval” quantities; there is no chance any guest is going to go hungry at this wedding - a feast for a king you might say.

So in conclusion if you want to be married like "The King in the North", Avenue in Hartlepool is the wedding venue for you.